Roly's 1/2 Nelson Woody Roly's 1/2 Nelson Woody
Roly's 1/2 Nelson Woody

Here are a few that were taken after the cabinets were in place. The back of the cabinet is now in place and other cabinets, facing the inside are being constructed. As you can see, I had to build a Monster Clamp, out of 2x4s to squeeze the sides in so I could glue the cabinets in good and solid. I didn't want any screws driven in from the outside, since they would show. So far it only weighs 400 lbs, and is lighter than I had hoped. Had to run the elect wires within the 2x2 roof and hatch members to provide ceiling lights and a light for the license plate on the hatch. Have taken shots of the curved window and the new wood fenders, and will get them up as soon as I get access to them.

(Click on picture for a much larger one.)

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